TAPDA Awards

The Transactional Analysis Personal & Professional Awards are designed for those who have learned some TA concepts and applied these in their personal and/or professional lives - and would like it recognised that they have done so.  TAPDAs are for those not seeking professional qualifications, and may be awarded to those who study TA with with any teachers, or who have engaged in self study.  For a description of the scheme, click here.

Options are for Personal (TAPeDA), Professional (TAPrDA) or for both (TAPPDA).

The first Transactional Analysis Personal Development Awards were given to 11 participants by Hülya Üstel on January 27, 2014 in Ankara, Turkey.   Click here to read more.   

The second Transactional Analysis Personal Development Awards were given to 12 participants by Soley Sezgin Akten on December 18, 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey.  Click here to read more​.

​Since then, they have also been given to one group of 9 and another of 24 participants in Istanbul, Turkey in June 2016.  Schemes continue to be run regularly in Turkey.

TA Personal Development Awards were given to 7 participants in Serbia in April 2014. 

The first TA Personal & Professional Development Award was given in 2014 to a candidate in Iran.

A scheme has been run to provide awards to unemployed people in Brazil, to assist them in moving into employment.

A similar scheme operates to provide TA Proficiency Awards to Children and Young People (TAPACY); their teachers and educators (TAPATE); helpers and teaching assistants (TAPAHA); and to caregivers and parents (TAPACP).  These run under the auspices of the IDTA although with the same volunteers internationally.  For schemes for children and those associated with them click here to go to the page on the IDTA website.