Get an award for relating TA to your personal or professional life

  • Are you looking for CPD opportunities that are really interesting?
  • Are you keen on TA but want to check you've understood it properly?
  • Would you like some feedback from TA professionals about how you apply TA?

ICDTA provides 2 Awards - show us evidence of how you have applied at least 6 TA ideas to your personal or professional life and we will accredit this for you with a TAPeDA - TA Personal Development Award or a TAPrDA - TA Professional Development Award (formerly called DTAVA - Developmental TA Vocational Award).  Or you can mix these together to receive a TAPPDA - TA Personal & Professional Development Award.   As part of the assessment, we will give you feedback to make sure you've got the benefits of learning TA.

You can learn the TA any way you choose - attending a workshop or self study  - maybe someone taught you some TA on a course, or you've read some books. These TA Development Awards confirm a basic understanding of TA and the application of it it the real world.

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