Awards & Qualifications

The training and supervision that ICDTA trainer/supervisors provide can lead to a range of awards and qualifications, some of which are accredited or otherwise recognised by Middlesex University via the Professional Development Foundation, International Coach Federation (ICF), EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council),  Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), Chartered Management Institute (CMI), International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA via T&C Council), and European Association for Transactional Analysis (EATA). 

Some of the ICDTA Team also provide qualifications as ICDSV - International Centre for Developmental Super-Vision.

Internet facilities, regular webinars, and the willingness of the ICDTA team to travel mean that the awards and qualifications are available in many countries - with more locations being added as time goes by.

Our portfolio approach is described in an article in the Transactional Analyst, the journal of the UK TA Association, in Autumn 2013   click here for a copy.

​Most of the ICDTA qualifications are reflected in the membership categories of the IDTA - Institute of Developmental Transactional Analysis, which is affiliated to EATA and is a Partner Organisation of the ITAA. Training and supervision provided by ICDTA trainer/supervisors can be credited towards international TA qualifications - CTA, CTA Trainer, TSTA.

Apart from the Introductory Course (TA 101) all are competence based.  Candidates produce portfolios of evidence that show how they have applied TA, personally, prodessionally and/or as practitioners in roles such as coaches, counsultants, educators, etc.

Details of the various awards and qualifications are provided below. One document provides a chart so you can compare the various options and also check out the requirements; the other provides brief details of each option and the intended participants.   Prior TA training with non-ICDTA trainers may be credited, subject to relevance and recency.  We invite you to contact us for an initial discussion, without obligation.

Also below is the Prospectus for the qualifications run in cooperation with the Professional Development Foundation, Middlesex University and Psychological Intelligence Foundation CIC (our sponsor organisation), the Student Handbook associated with this, and the Handbook about the ICDTA Certificate and Diploma as it can be undertaken without the additional, optional, University accreditation and cost.