2nd Transactional Analysis Personal Development Awards (TAPDA)

The second Transactional Analysis Personal Development Awards were given to 12 participants by Soley Sezgin Akten on December 18, 2014 in Bursa, Turkey.

Based on teaching provided by Soley Sezgin Akten, after four days of TA workshops in July 2014 the participants, who were all Tofaş Academy trainers, had each produced a portfolio of evidence of their personal application of TA concepts.  After these had been assessed by Hülya Üstel, all participants were presented with their TA Personal Development Award certificates at a ceremony in December 2014.  Julie Hay, the TAPDA Director, participated in the ceremony through Skype.

​Soley and Hülya are completing their training in TA, with the intention of attaining Practitioner status via the professional certification provided by ICDTA, as well as CTA in due course.  Both are experienced organisational trainers/consultants who manage their own companies.

​Soley tells us that the Turkish automotive company Tofaş, which has equal shareholders as Koç Holding and FCA- Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, is one of the three world-wide strategic manufacturing centers of Fiat Auto. Tofaş represents the greatest value and power in the Turkish automotive sector.

All of the training and development activities within Tofaş is conducted by Tofaş Academy which is founded with the purpose of managing different learning and development instruments as integrated by gathering them under one umbrella in a way that will support company’s vision and include all of the value chain.

It was very special for me to work developmental transactional analysis with Tofaş Academy trainers. All together we added a chain of TA in company values. We covered basic TA concepts in 4 days of workshops and after it, they have well prepared their learning portfolios.

During the TA workshops, Fiat Academy trainers, they discussed their teaching and working styles with TA concepts and they got deep understanding of their impact in the learning environment that they create within their technical and nontechnical classrooms.

I want to thank Julie Hay for her support, to Hülya Üstel, who assessed the portfolios, and to Tofaş Academy management for initiating and funding the programme.

I am glad to work on TA with Tofaş Academy trainers and I am proud that, they are the first group of trainers in automotive sector in Turkey with TAPDA certification.

Comments from the participants:

Melike Dinçer Saygı, Leadership and Behavioural Development Specialist, Tofaş Academy

First of all, TA training has increased my personal awareness. I understand my many behaviours reasons I did unconsciously. This is especially helped me to manage my relations and conflicted relationships. Now I can understand people better and manage my relations with my colleagues better and do empathy more easily.

TAPDA Ceremony Speech by Julie Hay TSTA OPE

The following is the text of Julie’s speech online at the Award ceremony:

Hello.  I’m Julie Hay, president of the International Centre for Developmental Transactional Analysis and of the Institute of Developmental Transactional Analysis.  Both are based in the UK but operate various proficiency awards and qualifications worldwide, so you are now part of a process that already includes several countries in Eastern and Western Europe, South Africa and China.

The ICDTA, which is formed of a number of internationally accredited TA trainers and supervisors, operates a range of qualifications that are particularly appropriate for those within organisations, for managers and employees and particularly for trainers and consultants.  The IDTA concentrates more on proficiency awards within the context of schools, such as for children and their parents and caregivers.

So today your awards are being made under the auspices of the ICDTA and you are joining a large international community of people who hold TA qualifications of one form or another, and I am delighted to be able to use technology to share this moment with you.

I am also particularly pleased to be joining you because I started my own training career in an engineering company and have very fond memories of it.  I got the chance to mix power press and fork lift safety training with management training, and for 6 months I also ran the apprentice training school.  I later became a trainer in British Airways, where I added train the trainer – for trainers across the airline departments, including management and interpersonal skills trainers, engineering and flight operations, and cabin crew and pilot instructors.  It was in British Airways that I discovered transactional analysis – and realised how useful it was – for interpersonal skills, leadership, teamwork – and of course for trainer training.

It was also British Airways that made it feasible for me to learn TA properly and get my first TA qualification, because there were few organisational TA trainers in those days so I needed regular flights to go to where the trainers were.  Eventually I went freelance and continued my TA training, which is how I came to be teaching Soley and she came to be teaching you.  In the meantime. It has taken me around the world, including several trips to Turkey, with the most recent being only a few weeks ago.

I hope that you too will spread the word, both to other trainers and to your participants.  I want to emphasise to you that there are no limits to these – for example, I have taught TA to managers and shop stewards – together – in Rolls Royce Motors, to chief executives in India, to filing clerks in Bosch, to warders and inmates in high security prisons – and through a team of presenters to 60000 employees of a major bank.  So I urge you to go ahead and use it wherever people need to understand the psychology of human behaviour – and where the organisation gets the benefits when participants realise how it helps them with their relationships outside work as well.

Finally, in addition to thanking all of you for doing the work needed to take part in the scheme, I want to thank Soley for making it all happen, Hülya Üstel, who you have not met but who assessed the portfolios on my behalf, to your training manager Mücahit Korkut for initiating the programme, and of course the management of FIAT for supporting, and funding, the initiative.

I congratulate you on your achievement, and applaud the impact you will have made, and will continue to make, in the lives of your participants – and hope that I will have further contact with those of you who get as addicted to TA as I and Soley have done – and therefore want to learn even more.